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Let Me Tell You The Production Process Of Belt Type Concrete Batching Plant

Jan. 05, 2022

To make equipment use more efficient and convenient, so cannot be neglected in the production process is necessary, the fruit of the belt type concrete batching plant root process contains sites, feeding system, feeding, homework, downtime, security, and so on six aspects.

Belt Conveyor Concrete Batching Plant

1. concrete mixing station to keep the place clean, smooth drainage, the signal to be contacted in general, to ensure that equipment capable of normal operation.

2. standing on the mini mobile batching plant guessed pay attention to work organization can not speak into the aggregate, gravel and cement can not be together feeding hopper ducts and other parts of the material to be discharged at once static and can not be reserved for the next feed use.

3. feeding a feed can be adopted and repeatedly feeding, feeding time is the material in accordance with a certain technology in order into the mixer, but do not agree to cast cement.

4. concrete mixing station in operation is to control measuring accuracy, stirring time, ensure technical request; The second is to check the abnormal and trouble, such as discharging mouth without leaking slurry, etc., if there are abnormal and problems to repair in time.

5. stop before it is necessary to the net of concrete; Downtime once after job completion, use a small amount of stone and clean water forced construction cement batching plant; And stir up the scene. When Russia but maybe something wrong with the blackout downtime, should heart operation in a timely manner to the host within the concrete sorting out.