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How to Effectively Reduce the Cost of Concrete Mixing Plant?

May. 11, 2022

With the development of urban modernization, the concrete industry has become increasingly competitive, with various concrete companies joining the price war, decreasing profit margins and gradually increasing operational risks. To manage a concrete mixing plant in these stalls, it is not only necessary to know how to produce, but also to coordinate all aspects of the business, including the control of production costs. At present, most mixing plants are not very detailed control of production costs, today I will combine some of the advice given by Jinhuiyuan mechanical engineers to talk about how to reduce costs from the management of raw materials, basic maintenance and other aspects of cost reduction equipment, mixing plant management three aspects!

How to Effectively Reduce the Cost of Concrete Mixing Plant?

dry mix concrete batching plant


How to reduce the cost of concrete mixing plant?

The cost of raw materials

1. A high level of laboratory director can indeed reduce the cost of raw materials, laboratory director of the design ratio is reasonable? Whether the cost has been reduced to a minimum, many laboratory directors are using past experience to design ratios, coupled with the changing raw materials, with different raw materials to verify that the cost of ratios are lower, all to ensure the quality of the premise is to reduce costs.

2. The choice of suppliers should be carefully compared in terms of price, quality, service, etc., each material should be found in multiple suppliers, regular evaluation of suppliers, that is, to disperse the financial pressure on the enterprise, but also help to eliminate poor quality suppliers.

3. The management of raw materials is particularly important, first of all, we must keep abreast of market dynamics, establish a good inquiry mechanism, dynamic price comparison, and reasonable adjustment of raw material prices. Secondly, to analyze the historical data of previous years, market policies, seasonal changes, etc., and make raw material reserves in advance to reduce procurement costs. Finally, analyze the weighing, proportioning, and production consumption data to eliminate all fishy wind and blood from the perspective of management.

How to Effectively Reduce the Cost of Concrete Mixing Plant?

dry mix concrete batching plant


Fuel and maintenance costs

Refine the management of concrete mixer, PLD batching machine, etc., register the incoming and outgoing storage, correlate and analyze the data, and develop scientific management system and management methods. Do not refuel when the equipment is short of oil, replace parts when damaged, and record and analyze information in a timely manner.


Management Costs

Most concrete batching companies consider management costs as staff salaries, reimbursements, benefits, etc., but there are also many hidden costs in actual business management, such as poor communication, production quality problems, powder storage errors, maintenance costs caused by untimely maintenance of equipment. Many problems are ultimately caused by poor management, and many managers are busy putting out fires without addressing the root cause.


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