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How to Choose the Concrete Batching Plant?

Apr. 08, 2022

● Concrete plants, as they are called concrete batching plant (concrete mixing plant) is the main equipment for the production of commercial concrete and mortar. The information was written to help future owners of the equipment for production of concrete to properly select and buy a concrete batching plant (concrete mixing plant ) depending on the money possibilities and goals. When selecting a concrete plant You have to decide some important parameters of plaster and concrete node, which will depend on the purchase and use of the purchased equipment responsible for the production of construction material, industrial commodity concrete and solutions.

● Performance of concrete mixing plant concrete plant(depending on future sales volumes of concrete needs of the organizations consuming and ordering concrete and mortars - well-chosen performance will be key to the success of future business).

How to Choose the Concrete Batching Plant?

● What are the concretes and mortars is expected to produce (usually it depends on the mixer and its quality, i.e. the question here is how to put the mixer two-roll mill or planetary)?

How many bins should be of inert materials and the volume of each bin (here of course the choice will be – the greater the volume and the number the better, but more expensive). 

● Select the warehouse of the cement to supply cement storage, or the so-called cement silo (it can be small or large, it may last one or they need two or more that is the question).

● What is the supply of inert materials – skip or with the help of conveyor gallery (so-called conveyor belt) – it also has its advantages and disadvantages.

● How much will a concrete plant consume electricity (seemingly - a serious question, but I really consider this figure when considering the approximate business plan or cost of 1 cubic meter of concrete).

● What is the site for concrete works are required and how to save on space (this question is very relevant in large and very dense cities and towns, where the cost of land for concrete batching plants can even exceed the cost of the concrete unit

● What management and monitoring system will be in production responsible in any construction material is concrete (it can be controlled by computer with specially written software or a more simple and cheap means of control – a controller of the automated control system ACS as a rule always present manual control).

● What are the guarantees and terms of replacement and repair given the manufacturer that produces high-tech equipment and concrete plants for the production of mortars and concretes (this will depend on simple equipment in case of possible breakdowns – and that loss of lost profits due to downtime).

● Winter (insulated) or normal execution of plaster and concrete plant (this will depend on the final cost of the purchase and installation this price is very serious and affect the final purchase of a concrete plant).

● Staff number during the maintenance of concrete mixing plant (usually not very much depends on the final cost of the produced concrete, but more about that You will see in the business plan concrete plant and calculating the cost of cubic meter of concrete).

● How many chemical additives will be used in the production of concrete (here You may encounter the production of concrete and mortars with the application of various chemical compositions such as strength improvers, stochastic characteristics, etc.).

● The price of the concrete plant (perhaps one of the most important and the key parameters when selecting which contemplates the future manufacturer of concrete). BUT remember the price is very related to the quality of a concrete plant!


How to Choose the Concrete Batching Plant?