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Considerations When Choosing the Concrete Batching Plant

Sep. 01, 2021

The concrete batching plant is the main equipment for producing commercial concrete and mortar. And the selection of the concrete batch plant is the most essential element for success of construction projects. Today as a concrete batching plant supplier, I'd like to share the considerations when choosing the appropriate concrete batching plant.

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant

Stationary Concrete Batching Plant


Just decide your budget and whether you want to buy a concrete batching plant or rent it. On-going construction projects definitely require the purchase of concrete mixing plants, while one-time construction projects can rent concrete mixing equipment.

The Performance of Plants

The mixing process of concrete is very important for construction projects, so it is necessary to accurately understand the characteristics of the concrete mixing plant.

Correctly study the characteristics of various concrete mixing plants and choose the plant suitable for your construction project.

For example, you should know the difference between a dry batch concrete plant and a wet batch concrete plant. Dry concrete batch uses for the mixing of concrete with the comparison of other batching plants. It has high efficiency and mixes the concrete with the mixer truck. The dry concrete batch plant uses cement, sand and gravel to feed the batch plant. After passing from manual scale, raw material discharges into the truck chute. Wet mixing equipment is also different from dry mixing equipment. To increase the application, many concrete batching plants combine the dry and wet mixing characteristics.

Another example, when choosing a concrete mixing plant, if you are a relatively large construction company or have a very important construction project, automatic or semi-automatic concrete mixing plant will be your best choice. Because they can not only facilitate the mixing of concrete, but also ensure the quality. Because the concrete mixing process is very important for construction projects, the selection of the characteristics of the concrete mixing plant is very precise.

Quality of Components

Check every part of the concrete mixing plant and make sure that every part is operating normally. You need to check its cement weighing system, hopper elevator, mixer, water measuring system, etc.

Simple Control

Just make sure that the concrete mixing plant you choose should have an easy-to-use control panel so your employees can use the equipment most efficiently.

After-sales Service

Before purchasing a concrete mixing plant, please make sure that the supplier provides after-sales service from a concrete mixing equipment expert to prevent you from encountering problems in operation.

That is to say, you must know whether the seller company you choose is responsible for after-sales support and any on-site repairs. You can ask specific questions about technical support and product quality assurance. A certified, trustworthy and reputable manufacturing company can provide you with all the support before and after shipment.

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