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mini concrete batching plant


As a manufacturer of concrete batching plant, we continuously focus on the needs of our clients. Nowadays, there are more and more companies or individuals need mini concrete batching plant for small projects, individual house construction etc.

To meet the needs of our clients, we develop the mini concrete batching plant. Compared with traditional concrete batching plant, our mini concrete batching plant has the following features and advantages:

1. Using drum mixer to replace traditional twin-shaft mixer or planetary mixer, so client can save much cost; Although the mixing performance of drum mixer is lower than that of twin-shaft mixer and planetary mixer, we use special design to make up this weakness;
2. Installation is easy. No need to make big concrete foundation;
3. Easy to dismentle, move to other work sites and install it again;
4. Easy to opearate. Two workers are ok to operate it.

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1. Why clients need mini concrete batching plant?

1) Project is small;

2) Low budget;

3) The project is small but needs high-quanlity concrete;

4) Easy to install, dismentle, move to other work sites and install again.

2. Compnents of our mini concrete batching plant

1) Drum mixer;

2) one-bin or two-bin aggregate batching machine;

3) Water, cement and additive scales;

4) Cement hopper or horizontal cement silo;

5) Screw conveyor;

6) Air compressor;

7) Panel control system without control room.

3. FAQ of our mini concrete batching plant

1) How can we ensure the concrete quality by using a mini concrete batching plant?

Concrete quality is mainly decided by two aspects: the precision of concrete formula and the mixing performance of concrete mixer.

For the precision of concrete formula, we have aggregate, water, cement and additives scales as traditional concrete batching plant, so it is totally ok.

For mixing performance of concrete mixer, drum mixer is worse than twin-shaft mixer or planetary mixer. For twin-shaft mixer or planetary mixer, the production circle for one batch of concrete is 60 seconds (belt type concrete batching plant) or 72 seconds (skip hoist type concrete batching plant), among them 25 seconds to 30 seconds are used to mix all materials. While for our mini concrete batching plant, the production circle is 60 seconds for one batch of concrete, the drum mixer mixes raw materials from the beginning. So our mini concrete batching plant makes up the worse mixing performance by mixing raw materials longer.

In one word, the concrete quality from our mini concrete batching plant is the same as that of traditional concrete batching plant.

2) How much time do we need to install the mini concrete batching plant?

Normally, 2 days are ok. The reason are as follows:

a. Clients don't need to make a concrete foundation;

b. Clients just need to place the machine on the ground and connect the cables as per our circuit diagram. If you move it from one work site to another, you don't even need to connect the cables because there is no control room and we don't need to disconnect the cables when we dismentle it.

4. Capacity of our mini concrete batching plant

Currently, we have 10m3/h and 15m3/h.

5. Pictures of our mini concrete batching plant

mini concrete batching plant

mini concrete batching plant

mini concrete batching plant