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Why choose mobile batching plant?

Nov. 26, 2021

The concrete produced by concrete batching plants is used in the foundations of buildings, road paving materials, pipes and ducts in construction projects, etc. Therefore, this shows how important the use of concrete in construction equipment is. Concrete batching plants are used to mix and blend cement, water, sand, and aggregates to form quality concrete, without which it would not be possible to build any construction project. In order to complete construction projects as quickly as possible, concrete batching plants must be efficient and fast.


Without an efficient concrete batching plant, it is impossible to complete construction projects successfully.


A mobile batching plant is a portable, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective unit that can be used to produce concrete batches in most locations.


Why buy a mobile concrete batching plant that is available for purchase? You can have a variety of options, but for medium and large construction projects such as bridges and ports, a concrete batching plant is the better choice. Unlike stationary concrete batching plants, mobile batching plants are undoubtedly the most convenient.

mobile concrete batching plant

Let's see the advantages you can get if you choose a portable concrete plant. 

1. Relocate to any work site.

All components such as batcher, conveyor, mixer, control room, weighing system, etc. are mounted on the transport chassis. What's more, it takes up less land. All this makes it possible to relocate quickly to any job site.

2. The installation of any mobile unit can be completed in about 1 day.

A mobile batching plant is simpler in construction, more flexible in movement, and easier to install and disassemble than a stationary plant.

3. Pre-installed insulation - fast installation even for "winter" plants.

All winter equipment - the housing of the module as well as the additional equipment, pipes, and cables inside the module - is installed at the factory and does not need to be disassembled when moving the plant.

4. Good batching.

Good batching quality and speed. Quality concrete will ensure fast and smooth completion of your project. That's what you and we want.


Clearly, you can start more projects with a mobile batching plant. This means you can do more and expand your business. At the same time, your costs are lower than buying a stationary concrete plant.


Different Types of Concrete Batching Plants

 Transport mixers

Transport mixers are trucks or trailers with rotating drums that mix and blend concrete during transport. Transit mixers are very beneficial for construction sites that need to deliver fresh concrete in a timely manner. Basically, there are two types of transport mixers, truck mounted transport mixers and trailer mounted transport mixers. When the drum in the transport mixer rotates clockwise, the concrete is being prepared and when it rotates counterclockwise, it pours the concrete out of the drum.


Concrete Pump

There may be many places in a construction facility where other construction equipment cannot reach, such as the middle of a high-rise building or a long tunnel. In these places, if concrete is to be poured, then a concrete pump will be useful. Advanced construction becomes very easy with the help of concrete pumps.


Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Ready mix concrete plant is a centralized plant or batching plant located near the construction project. The concrete is mixed at the ready-mix concrete plant and then transported to the construction site via trucks or trailers. This type of concrete batching plant is beneficial for smaller construction projects that require less concrete.


Compact Concrete Batching Plant

This compact concrete batching plant is used to prepare your own concrete at the construction site. It is used on construction sites where energy efficiency is the main requirement. It takes up very little space and because it is located on the construction site, it can supply concrete quickly. The compact concrete batching plant is known for its ease of maintenance and low running costs.