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100T 200T and 300T cement silo in Philippine

May. 26, 2021

Good news! Our 100T 200T and 300T cement silo were finished installation in Manila, Philippine recently.

As a manufacturer of cement silo, we can supply cement silo with the capacity of 20T to 2000T. 100T cement silo is one of the most popular ones, because most of concrete batching plants use 100T cement silo.

100T cement silo has the following advantages:

  1. 100T cement silo is usually bolted type which is easy for transportation. We can use one 40FT container to deliver 2 sets of our 100T cement silo;

  2. For the 100T cement silo body, we use the same size of steel sheet. All the steel sheet can be replaced with each other, so it will be much easier for workers to install it. 

  3. High utility rate of silo storage ration. We can store over 99T of cement for our 100T cement silo.

Picture of our 100T, 200T and 300T cement silo installed in Philippine

100T 200T and 300T cement silo in Philippine