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daily maintenance of concrete batching plant

Mar. 05, 2021

Daily inspection and maintenance of concrete batching plant

In order to ensure concrete batching plant works normally and prolong the service life, we must do the inspection and maintenance on a daily basis. Here are some of the inspection and maintenance we should do everyday.  

1. Check if we need to add grease to the lubricant pump of concrete mixer;

2. All the lubricant points should be lubricated as per the design requirements of manufacturer. The main lubricant points are as follows: concrete mixer discharging gate bearing; aggregate storage bin and weighing bin bearing; roller; bearing and rotating drum; driving chain, big gear etc.

3. Check the parts that are subject to wear, such as mixing arm, mixing blade, scraper blade. As per the inspection, we should adjust the space. If the wear is severe, we should replace the corresponding parts in time.

4. Check the bolted and nuts on vibrating motors. If they are loose, we should fasten them.

5. Check the working condition of air compressor everyday. Open the water discharging valve under air compressor and air tank to release water. Check if the air pressure can meet the design requirements of manufacturer.

6. Check the electrical contactors. Make sure the Static and dynamic contact are in good condition. If necessary, we should replace them.

7. Check the tension and wear degree of belt conveyor to make sure the concrete mixer works normally.