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concrete batching plant maintenance

May. 08, 2020

Maintenance of concrete batching plant

1. Mail machineMixer

1) Manual oil pump
Add lubrication oil every two hours
Option 1: 00# lithium grease lubricant
Or Option 2: engine oil : grease Proportion 3

2) Grease nozzle
Add grease during every working shift.

3)Main big gear
Make sure grease available all the time.

4)After every working shift, mixing shafts and mixing blades must be timely cleaned.

5)Discharge gate of mixer
The discharge gate must be cleaned for several times after getting off work to assure no concrete residue.

6)The distance between discharge gate proximity switch and response plate (air cylinder pin) should be more than 4mm and less than 8mm.


2. Lifting bucket

1) Check limit switches every day to assure they are safe and reliable.

2) The wire rope of winch should be kept in order and cross is not allowed. If any tiny breakage, timely change new wire rope.
Make sure enough grease for the wire rope.

3) Assure that all rolling wheels rotate smoothly. There must be enough grease inside and outside of lifting rails.

3. Belt conveyor
Avoid drifting of conveying belt; Enough lubrication for gears and bearings; The degree of tightness is proper for the triangular belt of electric motor.

4. Screw conveyor
Add grease during every working shift.