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How to Choose The Right Mobile Concrete Batching Plant?

Sep. 29, 2021

A mobile concrete batching plant is a very important piece of equipment for the production of concrete. A mobile concrete mixing plant is a portable, highly productive, reliable and cost effective plant that can produce batches of concrete in most locations.


Like stationary plants, mobile concrete batching plants are equipped with water, cement and additive scales to ensure the quality of concrete. And mobile concrete batching plants offer the following advantages.


Easier transportation. The main body of the mobile concrete batching plant can be transported by truck tractor.

Faster and easier to install, disassemble and transfer. Flexibility.

Small installation space. Can be installed within the project area.

Fewer concrete foundation requirements. Can be installed on flat concrete floors.

Easier to obtain installation permits. In some cases, permits are not required.


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

So, how do you choose the mobile concrete batching plant? This is a question that users struggle with, so today we will analyze a few key points in choosing the right concrete mixing plant.


Production cycle and site


It is recommended to choose fixed concrete mixing plant for long production cycle, and mobile concrete batching plant for short production cycle and material dispersion; and the size of the production site is also important to choose the appropriate equipment accordingly.  


Investment Budget


Investment budget is the most important thing in choosing concrete mixing plant, after all, "no money is hard to move", so choose the equipment that meets the budget. Some equipment belongs to the low investment cost in the early stage and high maintenance cost in the later stage, and some belongs to the high investment cost in the early stage but low maintenance cost in the later stage, which one to choose depends on your investment budget.


Environmental requirements


In recent times, the examination of environmental protection is strict, so whether the purchase of concrete mixing plant is environmentally friendly is also a matter of concern, to buy equipment that is not easy to produce pollution or equipped with dust removal devices, do not be afraid of environmental protection inspection.


Equipment quality and manufacturer


The quality of the equipment is also important, good equipment can produce good finished products, but also reduce the cost of use, usually good manufacturers produce better equipment, and what is the standard of this "good"? I think it should be big first, then it should have good production technology and rich production experience, of course, the service should be good too.


Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

Shengmao mobile concrete batching plant is specially designed for our projects that need to change the working place from time to time. It is very easy to disassemble and move to another work site and installation is quite easy. For our new mobile batching plant, all components are mobile and no reinforced concrete foundation is required, including the cement silo. All you need is a vehicle to tow it to the new job site, put the machine in the right place, connect the cables, and it's ready to use. 


As a concrete mixing plant manufacturer with 20 years of experience, we have mobile concrete batching plants with capacities from 20m3/h to 100m3/h. Feel free to contact us for details and quotation.


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