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container cement silo

Apr. 27, 2021

Good news! One set of our 35T container cement silo was delivered to Italy!

Container cement silo we have

As a professional supplier of cement silo, we now have container cement silo with the capacity from 20T to 200T.

Conponents of container cement silo

1. Silo body;

2. Cement feeding pipe;

3. Support legs;

4. Silo top filter;

5. Safety valve;

6. Vibrating motors;

7. Flow promotion device;

8. Control box.

Advantages of our container cement silo

1. We don't need to make huge concrete foundation, so much time, cost and worker will be saved;

2. We don't need workers to fabricate it;

3. Easy to use. We just need a piece of dry and flat land and put the container cement silo on the ground, connect the wires and then we can use it;

4. Many different materails can be stored in our container cement silo, such as: cement, fly ash, ore powder, grains and sawdust etc.

Pictures of our 35T container cement silo delivered to Italy

container cement silo