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concrete recycling plant


Nowadays, more and more people realize the importance of environment protection. Increasingly strict measures are taken by government to protect the environment in all walks of life. 

It is the same situation for concrete industry. Ready mix factories and suppliers need to minimize the environmental impact during concrete production. We not only need to strictly follow the rules of environment protection in concrete production and usage stage, but also in the concrete recycling stage. Such as the residual concrete generated by cleaning concrete mixer, concrete pump and concrete transit mixer at the end of the production day. If the residual concrete and waste water are released directly, the environment and all living creatures will be harmed by polluting the underground natural resources.

In order to help our clients to protect the environment, we develop the concrete recycling plant. With the help of it, we can reuse the majority of residual concrete. On one hand, we can protect the environment; on the other hand, we can reduce the cost of concrete production.

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  1. 1. Components of our concrete recycling plant

1) concrete washing tank;

2) sand and stone separator;

3) settling pond (The quantity of settling pond is based on land space. The more settling pond we build, the cleaner water we can get. Usually, 3 sets of settling pond will be ok);

4) clean water pond. water from settling pond will be pumped into clean water pond. Water in clean water pond can be reused for cleaning residual concrete or concrete production.

2. Working principle of our concrete recycling plant

Residual concrete is discharged into concrete washing tank, then clean water brings it to sand and stone separator. 

Sand and stone separator has two discharge openings, one is for stone and the other is for sand. After the processing of sand and stone separator, sand and stone are discharged separatedly, and they will be reused for concrete production.

Waste water from sand and stone separator will be discharged into settling pond 1. After the settling pond 1 is full, the waste water will flow to settling pond 2 and then settling pond 3. At last, water from settling pond 3 will pumped to clean water tank from where water will be reused for concrete production or residual concrete cleaning. Normally, 3 settling ponds will be enough. But if the space on work site is not enough, 1 settling pond is also ok. 

3. How to choose a proper concrete recycling plant?

Our concrete recycling plant can be equipped with 1 parking space, 2 parking spaces or 3 parking spaces.

1 parking sapce means only 1 concrete transit mixer can be cleaned at a time. And 1 parking space can be used to clean 15 transit mixers in one day (8 hours); So, if you have 30 concrete transit mixer, it is better to choose a concrete recycling plant with 2 parking spaces.

4. Our concrete recycling plant on work site

concrete recycling plant

concrete recycling plant

concrete recycling plant

5. International cases of our concrete recycling plant

1) Concrete recycling plant to Philippines

concrete recycling plant

2) Concrete recycling plant to Estonia

concrete recycling plant

6. Working video of our concrete recycling plant